West Central Minnesota Curling History
Before Glacial Ridge Curling, the West Central region of Minnesota had been relatively void of curling. There was however a small band of Willmar curling fans in the late 50’s that would drive out to Montevideo to go curling, and that lead to a lost curling era of about 20 years from the late 50’s to the mid 70’s and the areas of Montevideo and Clarkfield Minnesota. Research is on-going and we hope to dig up news articles, pictures, and artifacts of this seemingly forgotten era of Minnesota curling history. If you know anything about this, or know someone that might know something about this, please email the club with the subject line “Curling History” and tell us about it.
For the most part however, the 400+ year old sport has been mostly non-existent in Willmar and the surrounding area. Though efforts were being made in the Willmar area as early as 2002, a shortage of indoor ice and a lack of resources to make ice dampened the efforts.  In summer of 2004 the city of Willmar installed an ice making system in the Blue Line building; that winter a “rag-tag” curling league was organized and the Willmar Curling Club was born  The name was changed to Glacial Ridge Curling in 2016.

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