Future Facility

Future Facility

The Willmar Curling Club began looking to find a way to develop a dedicated facility for Curling. The addition of a dedicated Curling facility in Willmar will have many positive implications for the Civic Center and the Community. It will allow more time on the existing sheets of ice for hockey and figure skating. The Curling Club would have more
time for youth and adaptive Curling, additional Bonspiels and special events that would draw participants needing food and lodging. The new facility would add another option at the Civic Center for summer use that would include a dining/catering area. In August of 2016, the Willmar City Council voted 7 to 1 to commit to an agreement with the Curling Club that included land, soil corrections and sewer and water for the site.

Approximate Building Dimensions
Building outside width 75'
Building outside length 245'
Curling Sheets = 150' long x 14'-6" wide
Officials platform = 6'
Entrance Ramp = 42' wide and 40' long
Men's and women's locker room = 15' x 19'
Entry width = 8'
Men' and women's bathrooms = 11' x 19'
Bar = 12'-6" x 19'
Kitchen 20' x 19'
Office/video room = 12'x19'
Storage room = 12'-6"'x 8'-6"
Electrical room=12'-6"'x 6'-6"
Compressor/pump/water room = 26' x 15'

Project Estimate

Tom and Don signing letter of intent with City of Willmar for new curling facility.

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